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Danuta A. Jankowska, M.D.
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Introducing Personalized Medical Care 


Dr. Jankowska 

Top Ranked

NYC Physician 

Danuta A. Jankowska M.D.

Internal Medicine Board Certified

NYS Workers' Compensation Board Authorized 

Health Comes First

Patient Care

As an Internal Medicine Board Certified doctor, with years of academic, research and clinical experience, Dr. Jankowska understands how to work with her patients to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Her thoughtful and personalized approach to patient care means she's fully committed to the health and well-being of all her patients and their families.  With a Doctor like Dr. Jankowska, you’re in great hands. Through medical care and preventive medicine, with the state of the art diagnostic testing among other medical services Dr. Jankowska offers, she has cared for numerous patients throughout her career as a Doctor.

To Dr. Jankowska, her patients come first as nothing matters more than your health and comfort, which is why she has put in so much time and effort into advancing her medical practice and techniques.

Your Health Comes First so Helping You Get Healthy Is Our Priority

Feel free to schedule an initial consultation today.

Danuta A. Jankowska, M.D.
© Copyright

Danuta A. Jankowska M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University


Dr. Danuta A. Jankowska, M.D., recognizes the importance of patient-centered medical care, which inspires her to create strong and long-lasting bonds with each of her patients. It’s a privilege to serve the community of New York City by providing quality medical care and attention through sound medical advice and responsible diagnoses and procedures. Dr. Jankowska and her staff are dedicated to comprehensive and compassionate medical care for all of your Internal Medicine needs.

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